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QuikMetrix for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is no doubt a complex business.  The manufacturing vertical is defined by tight deadlines, supply and demand, and negotiation.  In many other types of businesses, weekly and even monthly performance monitoring may suffice.  But in the manufacturing sector, daily performance management is a critical aspect of a well-tuned manufacturer.

Despite the critical need for up-to-date information, Manufacturers seem to be starved for current data regarding the state of their organization.  IT resources are often slim, while the amount of data that needs to be processed is enormous.  The problem is further complicated by multiple back end systems.

Perhaps surprisingly, Excel workbooks demanding hand-worked formulas and pivot tables, SQL data retrieval and cut-n-paste data processing, remain common even in the largest of organizations.  But Excel + manual labor is a time consuming, error prone way to produce key business unit and organizational “dashboards”.

QuikMetrix is a game changer for organizations that want to automate their performance reporting and easily deploy real dashboards.  QuikMetrix will dramatically upgrade user involvement:  from opening spreadsheets distributed via email, to accessing a rich business intelligence portal in a Web-browser.  The configurable, metadata-driven QuikMetrix executive dashboard template allows organizations to easily deploy new dashboards and create new performance measures “at will”.

The ease of use, repeatability and affordability of QuikMetrix reduces an organizations demand on valuable and limited IT resources,  yet pushes astonishing BI capabilities out to the masses with little effort.  Potentially, any manager that needs information on their area of responsibility can be given access to a QuikMetrix portal – or even have a specific business intelligence portal deployed just for their area.

Because QuikMetrix is metadata-driven, the business definitions for each portal’s collection of measures is held outside the system in what’s known as a Measures Catalog.  This is a key differentiator for QuikMetrix because it means that the intellectual property behind any given measure can easily be shared, compared, adopted, tailored and re-used. Users, IT and the organization as a whole – have access to the Measures Catalog and can review and investigate the logic behind all measures defined to QuikMetrix.

Compare the QuikMetrix Measures Catalog to our competition where the business rules are embedded deep in business intelligence code or somewhere in the program stream that feeds the data warehouse.  QuikMetrix emerges as an inventive and elegant solution in that respect.

Download the QuikMetrix Use Case for Manufacturing for a perfect example of a complex Excel dashboard that was transformed to the Web without any development or requiring any significant data preparation (no data warehouse, no data mart, etc.).

Download QM Fact Sheet
Download QM Manufacturing Use Case

Easily define measures – Operations, Finance, Quality, Workforce, Growth and more.
 Visualize, drill, and report on any measure
Eliminate manual performance reports in products such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
Deploy without requiring a data warehouse and little or no application development
Save a great deal of time and money with an average implementation time of less than two months