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Introduction to the Robust Capabilities of QuikMetrix

QuikMetrix is a powerful, yet incredibly cost effective solution to help organizations implement the monitoring of vital operational measures in a visual, inter-active web-based experience in just a matter of weeks – and without requiring any application development.

The QuikMetrix accelerator (or template) from RDC, is a rapid and attractively priced solution that delivers a truly configurable, full-function business intelligence portal for the display, charting and drilling of the key performance indicators (KPI’s) which business managers must attend to on a frequent and routine basis.

Because each QuikMetrix portal deployed is configured via metadata – an implementation of QuikMetrix is a fast business analysis exercise rather than a long, drawn-out development project.  A metadata-driven approach also means that QuikMetrix can be applied to any vertical market, or any subject area or domain within a business. It’s inherent flexibility means that once adopted, a client can the methodology and template use to deploy new portals and define new measures over and over again.

When tackling corporate reporting challenges, the solution must be scalable and expandable.  That’s why QuikMetrix is built on the WebFOCUS 8 business intelligence suite from Information Builders (  We believe that the QuikMetrix foundation – being a true business intelligence platform – is a distinct competitive advantage versus solutions that are based on a lesser technology.

QuikMetrix can be added to an existing WebFOCUS installation, or can be deployed in a new client environment using available WebFOCUS runtime licensing.  Because QuikMetrix is delivered on a class-leading BI platform, the functionality and scope of any base QM implementation can be greatly expanded using the WebFOCUS tool set.

Click here to download the the QuikMetrix Business Intelligence Capabilities Statement, which quantifies the key features of the QuikMetrix business intelligence portal accelerator.

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